Our Story


Why 1013


The founders of the company Maz and Jay came up with the name "District 1013" as they both are from completely two different parts of the world.
Maz was raised in downtown South East London for the most of his life and Jay was a traveler who spent enough time in Toronto, Canada to finish each of his sentences with an "eh".
"District" represents our unity, bringing ideas from two individuals of different cultures into one place.
10•13 symbolizes our initials. J and M are 10th and 13th letters of the English alphabet. ​


The Idea

District 1013 was founded by two best friends. "Created by Intoxicated Minds" comes from the fact that the company and its idea was formed over a few pints of beer at our favorite local pub. 


Why Clothing?

We decided to go into apparel business because of Jay's great obsession with T-shirts and Maz's struggle finding Tees he'd like. We want to create unique designs for those who relate to us.
"Clothing is a form of self-expression - there are hints about who you are in what you wear."
- Marc Jacobs
It's all about our imagination getting pressed on a garment.


Made With Love

All of our prints are done, weeded and pressed by us so we can ensure that all of our customers get the highest quality print.
Our motto - "if we don't wear it ourselves, we are not selling it".